Ubuntu is a very popular OS, which makes use of the Linux kernel. Although it is used primarily on desktop machines, its server version has been rising in popularity nowadays as well. Ubuntu is among the lightest Linux distributions you can get and it is compatible with almost any kind of hardware, that makes it a universal OS. In addition, it is very stable and secure and has an a minimum of a five-year support life cycle, so you will be able to receive official security and performance updates. Unlike lots of other OS's, Ubuntu is distributed with no license fees and you will be able to modify its core, or any of the thousands of packages it comes with, in any way you find fit. This allows you to install the right software environment for all of your web apps whatever their requirements. Because of the popularity of the OS, Ubuntu has large developer and user communities, so that you can always find find a lot of materials on the Internet related to any question or problem which you may have.